Mother and son broken bond




THEME: Mother and son broken bond


Once again Knox moved to the intercom when he heard the doorbell. "What is she doing here?" He muttered on seeing his mother. He went back to the couch to grab his cellphone, her call came in almost immediately and he picked it.

"Hey Knox! I know you are in there! Open the door!”  She screamed in annoyance.

Knox walked back to the intercom. "Old lady you can't tell me what to do, say whatever it is you here for on phone..I am listening.” He said in a calm voice.

"What?!..Knox open up!" She hit the door.

"I won't let you into my house to complain and nag and yell at me. I am too tired for all that and -"

 She cuts him off his sentence. "Knox, do you realize I am your mother and you clearly know what I am capable of doing. Don't be rude to me!" She shouted.

"Old lady, I know what you are capable of doing to me. Remember it was easy for you to send your husband to his early grave then it won't be a problem doing the same to me. But I won't allow it." He gritted.

Through the intercom. he saw the anger and pain in her expression and he knew that he had touched her with his words. But he couldn't keep her waiting outside or else she would go crazy at his entrance or explode like a time bomb. Seconds clicked by, Knox punched in his password and the door opened.

"How dare you treat me like this?!" Mrs Elaina slapped him across his face.

Knox gasped in surprised. “Irrespective of what has happened I am still your mother and you should respect me!" She grimaced in anger.

He shouldn’t have let her into his house. Knox thought as he move back to the couch and settled on it. "Old lady say what you have to say and leave.” He focused on his phone.

Mrs Elaina huffed trying to calm down. "Why did you say such horrible words to Betty It is not nice to body shame someone and you know that. So why did you do it?" She asked.

Mrs Elaina was used to Knox's unusual and rude attitude towards her since his father's death. She could hardly believe Knox, her lovely son could turn against her and disregard her like she had never done any good to him. She has tried all her best to renew the bond they once shared, the closeness and all. She has tried to make him see that her husband’s death was not her intention, she craved for his attention, but Knox’s mind was made up. He was finding it hard to forgive her and nothing she did for him was good in his eyes.

“Knox, why did you say such words to Betty? She came home crying like you raised your hands at her.” Mrs Elaina repeated but she got no response to her question. "I believe I am talking to someone.” She narrowed her eyes. And when he didn't respond, so she went to him and snatched his phone which he didn't expect it.

"Let me have my phone.” He gestured sharply at her.

"I will give it back after our discussion.” She sighed contentedly.

"What were you saying?" He spoke up after some minutes of silence.

"I was talking about Betty Lawson.” she said.

And Knox yawned trying to tell her that he wasn’t interested in the discussion. Mrs Elaina shot him a glare at her son before dropping his phone into her bag.

 “Fine..what's up with her?" Knox pretended to care.

"She told me everything you said to her.” Mrs Elaina replied.

“And so?” Knox snorted and folded his arms.

Mrs Elaina shook her head in disappointment. “Why are you being so cold towards the innocent girl? For goodness sake she is your friend and you both grew up together. So why are you treating her like a stranger?” she demanded.

“I just don’t want to have anything to do with her, is it hard? Why is it so hard for her to understand simple body language? Why do I need to spell things to her before she gets the picture?” He picked up the remote and turned on the television.

Mrs Elaina stood at akimbo wondering how rebellious her sweet son had become. “Listen to me boy, whether you like it or not you are getting married to Betty.” She blurted out.

"What?!" His eyes widened and jaw dropped completely.

Mrs Elaina pointed at him. "Yes and it is either Betty or no one else!” She spat out angrily.

Over time Elaina has come to realize that the only way to make her son come to his senses is by pestering him to start a family because she knows that he doesn’t like that idea. And Mrs Elaina doesn’t care if it seemed like she was controlling him or trying to force him into marriage.

"You can't come in here and tell me what to do." He glared at her.

"But I can make you do what I want.” She shot back at him.

Knox frown deepened. "No you can't control me, I don't love Betty. Oh very good choice old lady, so you expect to get married to someone I don't love?" He clapped his hands.

"Well you will grow to love her, I don’t know how you want to do it just start growing your feelings for Betty.” She held an eye contact with him.

"Never I won't force myself to love any woman.”  Knox clenched his fists.

"Fine but I will only consider you if you are seeing someone ." Mrs Elaina stated.

Knox thought for some seconds trying to comprehend his mother’s words. "Yes I have a girlfriend and she is the one I want to marry.” He blurted out.

Mrs Elaina laughed. “So who is she?” She asked.

“Well it is none of your business, Old lady.” Knox replied.

"Fine..tell your girlfriend to not get her hopes high because I won't accept her! And if I find out who she is, I will make sure this town turns into a living hell for her.” She threatened.

Knox laughed. “Don't even think about it because I don't plan to introduce her to you.” He stared at his mom intently.

"I will find her if you have one.” Mrs Elaina said in the sternest voice she could muster.

"Old lady, do you realize that I am not a kid anymore. I am twenty six and I have every right to make own decisions. And why on earth will you not just let me be?" He blurted out in frustration.

"I will stay out of your decisions the moment you start making ones that are reasonable and also decisions that will make me happy too.” She responded.

"This is my life -"

 Mrs Elaina interrupted him. “Save me the lectures, I want you to call Betty right now and apologize to her." She instructed giving his phone back to him.

"Why should I do that?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You did her wrong by saying those harsh words to her. Betty is more than good enough for you.” Mrs Elaina replied.

"Look stop getting her hopes high, I will only make it clear to her that I am not interested in her and I don't love her and I will never love her.” Knox said as he clicked on his phone.

Mrs Elaina was quick to snatched the phone from him again.

"What do you think you are doing?" He questioned.

"I want to you to call Betty and tell her the truth.” Mrs Elaina hissed.

“What truth?” He asked with a raised eyebrows.

“Whatever truth I tell you!” Mrs Elaina copied Betty’s number from her phone to Knox's and she dialed it.

Knox had saved Betty’s number as drama queen but she changed it to my heart. And Betty picked on the second ring. "Hello Betty,” Mrs Elaina said.

"What are you doing?" Knox asked his mom.

"What does it look like I am doing?” She whispered to him.

"Betty, Knox wants to talk to you." Elaina handed him the phone.

Knox hesitated but then she pushed the device into his hand. “Talk to her now.” She mouthed.

Knox heaved a sigh of frustration. "Hello.” He said.

"Hi.” Betty replied coldly.

"How are you doing?" He asked.

"I am fine.”  She answered.

"Hey you don't have to sound like that.” Knox said. Betty didn't reply. "Fine..I am sorry." he apologized.

"For what?" Betty asked.

"For..for..everything I said to you this morning.” He responded.

"I am seriously mad at you for calling me such names.” Betty said sharply.

 "Come on! I know that I sounded rude to you earlier but I..I was joking- ” Knox paused. But that’s the truth, you are indeed not that pretty to me, he wanted to tell her but he bit back the rest of his words and tried hard not to laugh. He has always teased Betty since they were little.

"But you said it with a serious face.” She reminded him.

  "I am sorry.” Knox apologized again.

A smile formed on her face, she was happy. "What..what about the part you said..I am not good enough for you.”Betty mumbled but enough for him to hear her.

 Knox was tired of this discussion. "Uhmm..that are good..I mean Betty is a good woman. Let us hang out some other time.” he rushed out his last words.

"When?" She asked with excitement in her tone.

"Maybe tomorrow or whenever you are less busy.” He replied.

"Okay I have a shoot tomorrow but I will make out time for us.” She said happily.

"Bye." he disconnected the call.

"Good.” Mrs Elaina said to her son.

"Are you happy now?" Knox asked.

"Yes." she responded with a half smile.

“So you can leave now.” Knox lay back down on the couch with his eyes closed.

“No, I am not done talking.” Mrs Elaina said.

“Suit yourself old lady.” He mumbled.

“Your birthday is in three days time.” Mrs Elaina clapped her eyes.

"Yeah..old lady everything is fine now..please leave I need to rest. I will be very busy tomorrow.” He stood up from the couch again.

"What about your plans with Betty?" Mrs Elaina demanded. she didn’t realize that he had only put up an act so they could let him off the hook and just let him be in peace.

"We can always reschedule or I will try to make it up to her. And please don't come around in three days time or even think of throwing a party for me because I won't show up for it.” He said in a serious tone.

"Well let us wait till then.” Knox replied with a shrug.

"And don't hire any maid for me again, I am capable of taking care of things around here.” He pointed out.

"If I get a good maid that can withstand your troubles then you have no choice. See you in three days time.” Mrs Elaina picked her bag and walked out of the house. Knox heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the slam of the door.

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