Alpha Reid and the Hybrids
Alpha Reid and the Hybrids
Author: Abigail Phillips

Chapter 1

This is book two of, A Broken Alpha.

But this can be read as a standalone.

Reid's POV

I laughed as I look at my masterpiece.

My sister thought it was a good idea to burn my brand new shoes this morning so now it's pay back time.

I took all of her makeup and froze it all in a solid block of ice.

Good luck getting that out, I thought as I quickly slipped out of her room then ran across the hall into my room.

I waited patiently in my room while playing on my Xbox. 15 minutes later I hear her swing her door open storming down the hall before she cries out

"Daddy! Reid won't stop freezing all my makeup!" Isabel crys out to our dad Aiden.

I laughed before I call out,

"It's not my fault, she set fire to my damn shoes!" I say trying to defend myself.

"Only because you thought it was funny to place all my shoes in a perfect row of giant ice blocks!" Isabel retorts.

That was pretty funny I thought to myself as I made my way down the stairs.

"That's enough from the both of you!" Our dad Aiden says coming down the stairs.

"Izzy, I don't want to hear of you burning his clothes anymore!" Dad said, using her nickname while sternly looking at Isabel.

"Dad, do you want me to just freeze them." I hear our brother Maddox offer as he looks over the couch.

"We can always place them in front of the TV then I can freeze them and force them to watch Twilight over and over again." He says with a mischief grin on his face.

"I will turn you into a fucking ice block!' I says giving Maddox and angry glare.

This little shit did that to me and Isabel one night while our dad and father had a night out.

We were sitting on the couch trying to agree on a movie to watch when he thought it would be funny to freeze us and make us watch the whole fucking series!

To make it worse I had to piss so bad by the time our parents finally got home I almost pissed myself.

Isabel just huffs while crossing her arms over her chest.

"I swear to goddess I will set all your video games on fire!" She says.

Our father groan as he run his hands across his face.

Dad takes the easy road out and quickly gives my father a kiss then makes a run for the door. But not before reminding me of my big day tomorrow.

My parents have been making such a fuss over the big day... The day I turn the big, 2  1. !

Well I guess an introduction to my life is due.

Everyone tells me I look like my father Thaddeus and it's true. I look just like him minus all the tattoos. I have light tan skin with gray eyes.

Short well kept facial hair. My hair is long but shorter than my father's. Just below my neckline but longer on the top. My hair is an ash brown color with natural blonde highlights and a slight wave to it.

I definitely have my father's built. I'm just a little shorter than my father at 6'9. I train and work out hard so my body is very muscular.

My name is Reid Anderson and I'm turning 21 tomorrow. I am next in line to be the Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack.

I have two younger siblings, Maddox and Isabel the twins. They are 16 and turn 17 in 3 months.

We don't have a mother we have two male parents.

Thaddeus Anderson who we call Father, is the Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack.

His mate and Luna is Aiden Anderson, our dad. Our dad is the one who gave birth to us.

In the werewolf world all submissive males and females give birth. Dominant men do not.

The moon goddess Celine creates a soulmate for every werewolf when they're born. It's the other half of their soul that's made specially for them.

On your 18th birthday you're able to finally identify and find your soulmate. My parents are excited for me to find my mate. My father is ready to step down and let me take over as alpha, but I wasn't ready yet. I decided I wanted to go away for Alpha training right after I turned 18.

I did just that, I left two weeks after my 18th birthday and headed off to Alpha training in Colorado.

Alpha training took me 2 years to complete. After that I spent the next 8 months traveling around in search of my mate. Unfortunately I ended up coming back home empty-handed.

My father would prefer that I find my mate first, but said that he's not going to make me wait. I think it's because it took him so long to find his mate. He's afraid it might take me a long time too.

Especially since I'm turning 21 tomorrow and I still haven't found him. Even after traveling around the states looking for him.

My father didn't find his mate until he was 27. It's unusual to find your mate that late. You usually find your mate within the first 1 to 3 years after you turn 18.

My dad's good friend Alpha Michael, didn't find his mate, Noah until he was older as well. He didn't find his mate until he was 28.

Noah is like a little brother to my father. He was 21 when he found Michael.

And my father's Beta Xander, didn't find his mate Abigail until he was 27. So it looks like the luck around my family isn't looking so good for me. I think that's why my father's not going to make me wait for the title just to find my mate.

I don't blame him either. I'm really scared it might take me that long too.

I'm really looking forward to finding my mate. I just hope it doesn't take me as long as it took them.

Moving on to the next part about me.

My dad Aiden and his twin sister Abigail are what we call special. They were both gifted with abilities. They can both move things with their mind. They both have their own personal ability. My dad Aiden, his personal ability is fire and his sister, Abigail is energy.

My dad can create balls of fire with his hands and Abigail can shoot balls of blue energy from her hands.

My dad has an extra ability that my aunt Abigail doesn't. He can heal people, he once brought my father back to life.

He's only done it once and that's because my father won't let him. It almost killed my dad by doing it. It knocked him out for 3 weeks.

Me and my twin siblings, the three of us were gifted with abilities as well. Isabel has my dad's ability. She can harness the fire. Maddox can freeze people and anything moving.

All three of us have the ability to move things with our mind.

My abilities are different. I don't have a twin to share my abilities with. The twins share their abilities in a way. If they're too far away from each other it weakens their abilities. The closer they are, the stronger they are.

Since I don't have a twin,  I am my own strength. I don't have to rely on a twin to be near me to be strong. My abilities are stronger than my siblings. My dad says they're stronger than his and my aunts.

My personal ability is that I can create, shape and manipulate ice. I can create ice from my hands or any water source.

We first discovered how strong my ability was 3 months before my 18th birthday. We were attacked by rogues.

I was down at the river with my family. My father, dad, and the twins.

We were having a good time until a group of approximately 30 rouges approached the river from the other side. They all lined up staring at us before barreling across the river toward us.

My my father and dad instantly linked for backup. But the rogues were fast in crossing the river and reached us before backup could get to us.

The twins, both 13 at the time were terrified as they stood side by side while 10 rogues charged straight for them.

Without another thought I reach deep inside myself for my source of energy. I found it then brought it forward feeling the cold and tingly sensation spread from deep within my core.

I felt as it quickly rise up through my chest, extending through my arms and into my hands.

My hands instantly became cold and tingly as the power of the ice formed in my hands.

I brought my left hand across my body then waved it up and over in circular motion as I forced the ice from my hands and pulling the water from the ground as I created a wall of ice around the twins.

The wall appeared moments before the rogues were about to reach them and instead collided with the wall.

My dad was instantly in the air levitating. His arms, ablazed with fire all the way down to his hands as he shot a ball of fire right at the group of rogues just on the other side of the ice, instantly engulfing them in flames.

I turned to my father who was fighting off a large group of rogues.

I quickly create daggers of ice and threw them at the rogues with precision shots one by one. Once the head count was low enough for my father to handle I turned my attention back toward the oncoming rouges crossing the river.

With my hands I quickly created dagger after dagger of ice as I launched each one, hitting with precise aim as I took down rogue after rogue.

I turned back toward the river and noticed another group of rouges just crossing onto our side of the river.

I focused on my energy deep within my core, feeling the water in the river. I trusted my hands upwards and several large sharp pillars of ice rose from the ground, impaling the rogues from the underside as they rose from the ground. They ranged from 1 to 3 ft wide at the base and 4-6 feet tall.

I staggered back after that move as I felt the world spin. I tried to walk toward my dad and went to call for him but I blacked out falling to the ground....

Abigail Phillips


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