23. Lonely Vacation

"How's the day going?" Kendall halted from walking upon hearing the voice of Maxwell Ross. She twitched her lips before turning back at him. The lass doesn't like him around, she despises the lad's presence.

"Obviously, Ross. You see that I'm stuck in this fortress, don't expect me to appreciate the plain tiresome dusty walls around the four corners of this mansion." She replied and glared at him. As a response, he smirked. He stepped forward and held her hand, making her flinch in pain because of the wounds she got the moment Lucas chastened them.

"What are you planning to do, bastard?" She firmly uttered when she sensed that he's about to lean closer to her. He let out a heavy breath, glancing at her with a serious complexion.

"I wouldn't do it in the first place, Kendall but Lucas wants me to execute the punishment." He explained, trying to convince her.

"Forget about it, it's done, okay? What are you doing here anyway? I thought you're with Rutledge?" She pushes him with frail
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