29. A Day With Mace Leo

She feels the softness of the mattress as she tightly hugs the pillow on her arms, the wind blasting the window as a strong rain springs inside the window frames, causing the curtains to moisten. Astrid after perceiving that the rain slowly soaked the blankets, widely opened her eyes and got up from the bed. "What is wrong with the weather today?" She whispered and peered at the curtains to behold what had gotten outside.

"What time is it?" She roughly steps on the footing and rushes her way toward the living room, ignoring the presence of the young lady who is peacefully sleeping at the bed and she drifts her sight to search for the clock. "It's six in the morning," she uttered and let her heavy body lean on the couch, she tightly closed her eyes and attempted to relax herself yet the downpouring of the shower distracts her.

"What else should I do here?" Astrid muttered and continued to think as she shut her eyelids, she proceeded to feel the cold atmosphere and the noise of rain b
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