Hawk's Betrothed

This Chapter is dedicated to Rosie, Deshea little and Hina. Your support means a lot to me.

Mary Davies

My mum has refused to talk to me since this morning ordeal. I felt like a thief even though I didn't steal anything.

But you stole Apples.

Yes, I agree with my conscience. I took Apples. I didn't steal them, but I was accused of stealing them.

As I helped my mum make lunch for the Andrew's in laws. I felt like I dirty rag. Everyone believes I stole, even my own mother believes I stole the jewelries. I know this was a set up. Jessica doesn't even like me. I sighed heavily as I diced the potatoes on the chopping board.

I was being careful around my mum. I was hoping to open up to her about everything that happened between I and Hawk, but that would only ruin my relationship with her. She will feel so betrayed, having a thief and a slut as a daughter.

I groaned out loud, I didn't mean to, but I was feeling pressed. If I don't use the toilet, I might end up peeing myself. I have not
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Mirabelle Okiti
this novel is so interesting and a wow accompanied it. As Mrs Andrew she really don't know the bad eggs she has as children or as knows and decides to play dumb. Nice work author ... ... ... ...
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Melissa Wilson
OMG is she ever going to open her mouth and speak up!!
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Shantel Carolus
please update soon can't wait to read more chapters ...️

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