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Synopsis of the story of Hawk and Mary's son. (Bryan Andrews)

Erica moved back to Beverly Dale to find out the fat freak she used to bully isn't the freekles boy she used to know. The braces were gone, the shyness was gone, muscles replaced the chubbiness. He is literally a hot piece of cake. The Bryan Andrews that had a serious crush on her years back now checks all the bad boy boxes. Tattoos. Check ✅. Piercings. Check. ✅ . Bluntness. Check. ✅ Dominance ✅ check. Bullying ✅ check. Fuck boy ✅ check.

The dark aura around him scares her a tiny bit, what happens when Bryan makes it his mission to take his revenge on her by making her life miserable.

Bryan Andrews is dark. Ruthless. Cold. And likes to be in control. Taking his revenge on the princess that ruined a major part of his life was the only thing on his bucket list, his upmost priority without backing out. 


Hi guys, so I'm fully ready to start the new book. The second book of the pregnant series. The title is 'The Badboy's Obsession'  It's the story of Bryan Andrews and Erica. So I have a question for you all. Do you want me to continue it in this book or should I start it in a new(different) book? Please share your thoughts with me. 

Thank you all for the Reviews and comments. And if you haven't left a review yet, please do. (It helps the ratings of the book). Also, anticipate the next upcoming book cause it's going to be a banger, an absolute dark romance: The title is: Pregnant For my brother's best friend. I'm currently working on it also and it will be out next month hopefully. 

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Yes, it would be nice to continue it here. I was ready to post new chapters starting from this weekend. But let's see how it goes. The new book should be out before Friday. Thank you.
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Yes, he had a lovely childhood. But he was also bullied as a child. Let's find out the rest in the book. His sister is going to get her own story too. Thank you.
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Well noted. I will make sure to keep you all updated.

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