How Will He Get The Man's Hair

The CEO of Vernon's corporation, Harry Vernon, had commanded his personal assistant to work even harder on finding the woman he had a night stand with five years ago. He needs to find out the truth as soon as he can so he know how to punish Debby.

The sex he had with the strange woman five years ago happened because he drank himself to stupor. A few hours before that night, he and his pregnant girlfriend arrived in his house after going for a party. He didn't expect for her to suddenly slump and die. All efforts to revive her was futile so he stormed to his club that night and wasted himself to alcohol. Up until today, he hasn't healed.

He didn't want to believe that the woman he had sex with then was Debby.

While in his office, a call came through to his phone and seeing that the caller ID was Horace, he answered it and asked," any positive news about the woman?"

"Yes, sir," Horace responded.

Harry sat upright and curiously asked," I'm all ears."

"We have a lead pointing u
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this story is so confusing what happened to Broderick and Amy and the other kids
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Becky Jenkins
good start but what is the name of Debby book

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