How could the man she used to spend her days with became a stranger in just one snap? 

How could the woman he used to kiss at night and cuddle at sleep became a person he’s just going to pass in the street? 

It all goes back to the top. When the first time they glanced at each other’s eyes, they didn’t know each other well. And now, it all happened again. Zach furrowed his eyebrows, darting his eyes somewhere. He was the first one to back out. Zach couldn’t stand Sam’s empty eyes at him. It was what she usually glimpsed at him. 

It was how fast the day changes. How fast the stars disappeared at night whenever the sun rises. How fast the sunset began. 

Sam didn’t even convey a single word and just flapped back the papers in the clipboard. She breathed, her eyes looking straight ahead. Zach didn’t even move an inch, and why does Sam cared? It’s lunchtime. They always run up each other in between of works when 12 o’clock hit the clock. 

Sam reached his side, and that’s when he called out. 

“Wait.” Her heart pounded louder. The full bucket of ice washed everything in her body. Her body became an ice sculpture. Sam didn’t know if she can move her feet along. Zach breathed, his chest tightening. Regrets filled his mind, and that’s when he realized Stacy didn’t even matter to him. He loves Sam, he do love her. 

Shifting his eyes to her, the tears filled up his eyes. Sam stayed there like a statue. Zach couldn’t accept everything has changed. Sam waited for him to say anything. 

“Did you sleep well?” He found his voice, recognizing it as his agonized, desperate one. The words croaked out, filled with hatred and devastation. It must have struck Sam’s heart. Zach stared at her face, wishing he can caress it. It was such a tormenting cold war. 

Sam didn’t understand his question. She slowly averted her eyes, meeting his. Why does this time, they have to be alone in the hanging bridge, when it’s already lunchtime? Sam must have overlooked the time in her watch. Zach must have taken an early lunch. 

Sam breathed out, retorting, “Why are you asking me that?” 

Zach wanted to hitch her waist and hug her. He wanted to do everything to her. She just realized it now. Zach was a fool to fall for Stacy’s trap. He should have been more faithful to Sam.

Glaring at Zach, she waited for an answer. He’s taking up too much of her time. Zach hitched his breath, uttering, “I’m just asking you if you slept well. I know you always took up a lot of hours before finally dozing off.” 

“You don’t care about that now, Zach, please. Can you stop being worried about me?” It’s broken. Nothing can mend it again. How can Zach even think it’s going to be easy? The trust Sam she had given to Zach got shattered. He stood there, his eyes desperate clinging her back. Sam shook her head, giving the heads-up she’ll never do it again. 

“You don’t have to ask me about how I’ve been doing, how my day has been, or if I have been in a rough time. Everything is gone between us, Zach, let’s face it. Nothing will be the same again.” It hurts to see the person you usually talked about everything became a stranger again, like the first time. It’s like passing that person along the street, looking down, and when you both disappear round the corner…you would realize how you know everything about them. 

“Can we not look at each other’s eyes whenever we pass each other here? Let’s make that a deal, alright?” Sam was the one wrapping it up. Zach looked down, and there’s nothing he could do. Sam’s things were still inside their house. It sounded too hard, but they will keep moving on as the day passed by. 


“I don’t need an explanation from you. You don’t have to, just save it. It’s clear on my eyes Stacy and you have a connection with each other. I even slapped her in front of you in OUR house, right? Zach… You don’t have to defend yourself now. Everything ended between us, Zach.” It all came back to start, where he started pursuing Sam’s answer to his courtship. Those times he kept on wooing her, kept on showing how much he love her, and that he’d not let her go until she said yes. 

What happened after a decade? 

Zach didn’t respond, and just look at her. 

Sam’s eyes filled with tears. Taking a step back, she gritted her teeth, and gripped the clipboard. Sam mumbled, “I’ll get my things first thing this evening. It will be good to move out, too, or sell the house. You can sell the house if you want.” 

After that, she turned her heel around, leaving him alone. 


Sam closed the door. The lights were on. Zach must have come home earlier than she does. Sam stood at her car’s side, looking at their house. She used to come here with a smile plastered in her lips. Nothing beats the bonding between them when the night comes. It was all hugs, kisses, and the things they both do when they’re alone. Sam just smiled whenever she had a peaceful sleep with Zach’s arm around her waist. 

It was the best feeling ever. 

But now, it changed. 

Sam slipped in the keys inside her pockets. She tucked in her hands inside her pockets, and tied up the ribbon of her hoodie. Reaching the door, she rang the bell. Sam waited for it to open, and it hastily did. Zach was still in his office attire, and Sam didn’t scrutinize it more. She used to nag Zach about wearing off his office attire. It might carry infectious diseases inside their house. Sam cleared her throat, coming inside without a word. Zach closed the door. The beeps of the door lock synchronize the keypads. Sam went inside the house, wearing off her sandals. 

Zach followed her silently. She shuffled, reaching the bedroom hastily. Opening up the door, Zach stayed by the kitchen door frame and stared inside. Sam swiftly retrieved the luggage underneath their bed, and didn’t even convey a word. The silence succumb them, and it was too tormenting to begin with. 

Sam didn’t care at all. Opening the closet, she took a deep breath first. Sam threw in everything inside the luggage. She was way too reckless with her every move. Sam just wanted to leave here and don’t leave any traces at all. She can feel Zach’s eyes on her. Sam opened the lower cabinet, throwing in the underwear and socks on top of the pile, leaving Sean’s clothes. 

“Did you say everything to your mom?” Sam stopped from hustling her clothes, and realized her question was way too personal. She chuckled quietly, and didn’t even respond. Zach leaned on the door frame, wondering how he can initiate a conversation with her. Sam continued to empty the other side of the closet, and when she has finished, she retrieved her bags. 


“What?” her tone was furious. 

“I’m asking a question. Can you please just answer even a word?” Zach felt disregarded. This might be the pain Sam was talking about. Zach being an outcast to her life now, and it was unbearable. Sam turned her heel around, placing the bags in the luggage, and creased her forehead. 

“Why would I? Let me clear things up, Zach. We’re both strangers again. Both of us didn’t share a special connection anymore, and I wanted you to take a step back on the line, alright? It might be good for us to do that.” Sam diffused the conversation just as it started. She turned back to packing up the things, and ignored Zach for as long as she could. 

Rolling down the luggage in their pavement, it was way too heavy. Zach tried to help her, but she refused it. “No, I don’t need your help,” she reckoned. 

Zach halted at the middle of the road. Sam turned to him, looking at his eyes. He doesn’t feel anything at all. It was such a hard drought to surpass on, and he doesn’t have anything to let Sam back in his arms. Sam sighed, smiling sarcastically, and uttered, “Sell the house and make sure you send half the money to me. You will have a good buyer in the house. It’s such a good place to hang with.” 

All she cared was selling the house full of their memories, is it? That must be what pain can hold you against. Zach clicked his tongue at the floor of his mouth, and looked at the other way. Sam waited for his response. She didn’t care about the house anymore, she just wished he’d split it for them. 

“Are you sure you’re going to sell the house?” Raising her eyebrows, she scoffed. She understood how hard it was to sell the house, but there’s nothing Sam could do but to erase it. 

“What’s the point of living there anymore, Zach? You have done an action that is unforgivable. Let’s just say those memories are in need to throw away. Just believe that.” 

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