Now that I thought about him again, I felt tears starting to form again. I’m mad at him for rejecting me even if I didn’t actually confessed to him, also because he is maybe the reason Penny is back. If she wasn’t back, my friend wouldn’t suffer. I get that Tess is an amazon girl and she is also fearless and a fighter, but she doesn’t deserve what happened. She doesn’t deserve the pain because, Penny is insane. And I…. I don’t deserve this pain given by Skylar because, I haven’t even confessed to him properly. That’s unfair. But, I’m not really confessing, since I was already rejected.

Maybe that is the thing about liking someone for too long. Liking someone for too long doesn’t mean they have to like you back too. And maybe, Skylar is really insensitive, he just said ‘stop liking me’ casually. Like it was a line from a movie and he wanted to try it to someone, and then he chose me.


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