Chapter 11 – The Pack-whore


I wake up feeling a little confused about where I am. The last thing I remembered was that Liam showed me around on the pack lands. The place is beautiful, and everyone seems to be so happy. I think I will be happy here, and I love how Liam, Rosa, and Mack have taken me in and accepted me.

I get out of the bed and begin to walk downstairs, and I reach the ground floor when a brunette enters the house, looking at me as if I am something ugly sitting under her shoe.

“Who are you, and why are you in Liam’s house.” She asks pretty much demanding answers. But before I can answer, she continues.

“Never mind, it doesn’t mean anything but stay away from Liam. He is mine.” She doesn’t wait for an answer and leaves for Liam’s office. I look after her, shake my head, and continue walking into the big kitchen.

Rosa and Mack are in the kitchen, Mack sitting by the range while Rosa is making some baked vegetables. It smells amazing.

“Hey, Laura." Mack smiles

“Hey Mack, Rosa, it smells a
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Jen Anderson
Bad Liam….
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Mary Joy E. Guban
why is the author turning my sweet alpha king into someone hateful

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