Chapter 19 – His Room


Liam and I decided to keep what was happening, between us for now, mostly because I was worried about what his pack would say. The king getting in a relationship with a pregnant she-wolf would make them talk. Mostly I worried about what Rosa would say, she his is a mother and without a doubt wanted more than this for her son. Liam always tells me his mom loves me, and that I should not worry about her.

It’s just two days ago now and I am standing in the kitchen, making a light snack, when his strong arms come around me and I feel his lips on the back of my neck. I smile and turn around, cursing my belly a little for getting in the way.

“Careful Liam, someone could come in,” I whisper and he smiles

“They are not home, so l want to kiss my girl.” He tells me, bending his head down and capturing my lips.

His kiss is hard but passionate and I feel his tongue asking for access. I part my lips slightly

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Sarah Packard
The grammar could be better, story is ok and enjoying it so far.

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