Chapter 51 - I Am Sorry


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Everyone has a past. But at this moment I hate mine more than anything, fuck. Camille was one of those pack-whores I from time to time used for getting a fast fuck. I thought I had made myself clear, and she did never seem to be a problem. And I know plenty of my unmated warriors have used her services. Never did I expect her to get vengeful.

‘FUCK’ I yell at myself.

With the look in Laura’s eyes, I know she still remembers the night she had a run-in with Danielle. How can she not remember, she still has a scar on her cheek. I need to fix this, but it seems that Camille has left and I have a pretty good idea of where she is. So now I need to put everything in motion. I need to keep Laura and the kids safe, and I will no matter what.

‘Mack?’ I mindlink him.

‘Fuck why you mindlink me at this hour.’ Comes the answer. I look at the watch. 02:39

‘I’m sorry, but this can’t wait. I am in big shit0.’ I say

‘What’s going on. Is everyone okay?’ he asks.

‘Yes, but Camille
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Jeimy Victor
any updates???
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Anjenette Cardenas
why does the chapters take so long?

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