Chapter 54 – Prepare


The summer is ending and the whole pack is working to get ready for the cold. I am in a few weeks I will be 4 months pregnant and with that have only a month left until our little Xander will join us. Liam still works hard on the warriors and is gone from home a lot. I know he is doing this because he wants to be ready and protect everyone.

He even called the council, and they sent 50 of the most skilled and dangerous warriors from a special unit. Valerie has also been working, putting up magic that will specifically tell us if anyone with evil intentions is getting close. Liam and I decided to give her back the vial that contained that last blood there was from Zara, and wasn’t used for the protection spells. We wanted to see if any more visions would happen. So far there was nothing.

I and the twins are outside but not far away from the house. And 4 warriors are here guarding us, one of them being my dad. The twins walk around trying to catch insects. They are laughing and I f
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Selly Langemeijer
I hope Liam uses his alpha command and doesn't let anyone get hurt. He should fight Liam and within seconds he will have him executed and figure out why the others where helping Miles attack their Kingdom? They shouldn't forget Leah though!
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Selly Langemeijer
Miles thinks he will be King but he will be dead soon!
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Luisa Godbold
This is a good book and I’m looking forward to read more. When is the next update?

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