Big Announcement - 11 May 22

Dear Gentle Readers, 

First of all, this author would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you who have given this story a chance! 

As you know, this book is Book 2 of The Autumn Summers Series and it sorta ended in a cliffhanger. The reason being is (as this author has mentioned in his reply to one of the reviews here) because there will be 2 books for Book 3. 

One book would showcase what happened if Phraser did make it through and actually alive and soon reunite with Autumn (the book is already up on Good Novel and it is called “Pulling Off the Impossible”) while the other book follows the plot should Phraser did not make it, and it is called “Kiss Me First”. 

Why there are two books? Well, it is actually quite simple. As much as this author believes that every person has to have a happy ending, he does not believe that one person would find “The One” right off the bat. He believes that it is more realistic if a person would date a bunch of guys, and go through so much stuff that would shape that person, before finally finding someone that they do not have to think twice to agree to spend the rest of their lives with. 

If you like Autumn to end up with Tyler (being high school sweethearts and all), then read Book 1 (The Bad Nerd Boy) and just stop there and imagine them walking off to sunset together. 

If you like Autumn to end up with Frazier (college sweethearts), then read Book 2 (Resisting The Irresistible) and Book 3 (Pulling Off The Impossible) then stop. 

But for those of you who would love to take this journey with this author, then come on in! There are plenty of “slice of life” stories, following Autumn’s journey in life. 

This author will post “bridge chapters” for each version (POTI & KMF) here so it will give you a smooth sailing when you read either one of the books. 

Once again, thanks a million for the love and support! 

Lastly, if you have questions, this author is reachable through social media @agatharoza / the comment or review section of every book. And pretty please leave reviews if you like what you read because this would help this author so much in his writing career! 


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2. Search for Agatha Rose or those titles — i.e. “Agatha Rose Pulling Off The Impossible”

3. Add the book you would like to read to your Library.

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Have a grand day ahead! 

Yours truly,


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Can’t find kiss me first
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which website
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cos it is free so you have to find it on website

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