4| The offer

Amaira's POV

I was startled awake when cold water was splashed directly on my face, mercilessly. As I tried to take in my surroundings, I gasped for air and blinked frantically.

Am I kidnapped or what?

My hands shot up immediately to wipe the water from my face and clear my blurry vision.

I exhaled a sigh of relief when I realized I was safe in my small apartment.

But how did I end up here?

I was kissing a mysterious man last night, and then...

"Amy, come out of your Lala land right now!" Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs, jolting me out of my reverie.

When I looked up, I realized it was her who had attacked me with the ice-cold water. When I saw her fully dressed and ready for the office, my eyes widened. It is 9 in the morning and I have to reach the office at 9:30. Oh God, No! I can't afford to lose this job at this moment.

"I would never have used this trick on you if we hadn't been running late for work!"

I shifted around quickly to get out of the couch and get ready, but dizziness struck me and I collapsed right where I started!

"Please take this. I believe this will help you," Chloe said as she handed me a tablet and a glass of water.

I gulped it down without saying anything because I hadn't fully recovered my senses. I am still hungover from the previous night. But I do remember the kiss. I could still feel the tingling sensation on my lips, which had been over that mysterious man just a few hours before. But I don't remember exactly what happened after that kiss.

Did I?

Did I?

"NO!" Chloe answered my unasked question "you haven't done anything which according to you should not do!" I took a deep breath of relief.

"I believe you should take the day off!" Chloe proposed it.

"But, I have already taken two leaves this month. You know, Chloe, I need money, and I can't afford to have even a single penny deducted from my pay any more!" My shoulders drooped.

"Yes, but look at your state!" she said as her gaze moved down my body ."I don't think it's a good idea for you to join the office today, I don't want you to look like a walking ghost"

"Hmm," I said, looking down.

She is correct. My head is pounding, and I am not in the mood for any more stress. I can't even blame her for my condition because I chose to go there to distract myself.

"I have already prepared the breakfast," she said as she bent down to hug me and kissed my cheek "Don't forget to have it,"

I gave her a small smile, and she waved at me as she hurried out of our apartment.

I drew my chin over my knees and folded them. I consider myself fortunate to have her. She looks after me like no one else.

My father died when I was young, our mother raised me and my brother, it wasn't easy for her to raise us as single parents. I have been caring for my mother and younger brother since the age of twenty-one. I had to leave my education unfinished, join the workforce, and move here three years back. Now, my family's sole breadwinner is me.

I'm not happy with my job because they pay me less for my skills, but I don't have any other choice but to stick with it because we will be on the road if I quit. My mother is ill, her medical bills are exorbitant, and my brother is still in school. He is a genius who enjoys learning. I don't want his studies to be halted due to a lack of funds. I will do anything in my power to keep my family happy and away from all of these problems.

My phone pinged, which drew my attention, and I reached out for it. The message was from my brother Jonathan, and it made me smile.

He sent me a photograph of himself in which he was cooking for our mother, wearing her apron and a chef cap on his head. I hope he isn't doing a blunder in the kitchen as he doesn't even know to cook 5 minute noodles!

When a notification appeared, my eyes shifted upward. It was an email from HR with the subject 'Your offer from Kingston Corporation'

I blinked twice before focusing my attention on it and opening the email. what was written in the email stunned me because I wasn't expecting it.

It stated that my interview was scheduled for today and that I needed to arrive on time with my resume and certifications. If I got selected, there are chances of getting double the hike in the salary.

'But how could they send me an offer letter if I hadn't applied for any jobs?' This was the question that bothered me.

I scrolled down and found HR's phone number, so I decided to call her first to ensure that it was not a hoax and that no one was playing pranks on me.

I dialed the number, spoke with her, and discovered that it is true. She also informed me that they had shortlisted my resume from one of the job sites where I had submitted it months before!


Whatever it may be. It appears to be a golden opportunity for me, and I believe I should not pass it up. If I get this job, it will solve half of my financial problems.

Putting the phone on charging, I stood up to get ready for the interview and prepare the folder of my certificates. I'm going to have to pass it!


Clutching the file tightly against my chest, my chin moved up to look at the never ending edifice with multiple floors standing proudly in front of me. It was eye-catching, with not a single dent on its glasses.

Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best, I stepped forward and confidently entered it. The receptionist informed me of the floor number where I needed to go for the interview.

I was surprised when I arrived there because I was the only one there for an interview, and it's not like I arrived early!

Where are the other candidates that they shortlisted?

"Are you Amaira Faye!" The girl at the front desk inquired.

"Yes!" I blinked twice and walked to her.

"Go in," she said, motioning to the chamber to her right, "the panel is waiting for you!"

My heartbeats quickened as she told me. I gulped to moisten my now-dry throat, and my tongue darted out to calm my nerves. Getting nervous was quite obvious from my side because it was not a small company for which I am going to give an interview!

I closed my eyes again and took deep breaths to bolster my confidence. I moved forward with determination, and with permission, I entered the chamber.

The panel consisted of three people, and they asked me to sit in front of them. They appeared to be quite normal and forthright, which helped to put me at ease. They asked for my resume, which I handed them while waiting for them to ask me questions.

Then they began with my introduction and asked me a series of simple questions. I wasn't expecting such a simple interview. They were asking me very general questions. They appeared to be going through the motions.

Perhaps because they have chosen the ideal candidate for the position! Who can say? But the thought made my heart swell because I desperately want this job.

When they had finished questioning me, there was an awkward silence in the room. I was trying not to fidget with the hem of my skirt out of nervousness while they were having a private conversation.

"Congratulations, Amaira Faye, you've been hired," one of the panelists said with excitement in her voice.

I couldn't believe my ears. A wide smile spread across my lips, and a rush of happiness passed through my heart when I got to know that what I have heard is right.

"Thank you!"

"But you have to start from this Monday only, so please finish the formalities," the lady said with a charming smile.

After gathering my documents, I nodded and exited the chamber.

When I came out, the girl at the front desk asked me to wait a few moments while she prepared my documents. To cut time, my eyes became preoccupied with scanning the surroundings.

She quickly handed me the offer letter and the bond to sign.

"Bond?" As the question slipped off my tongue, my eyes squinted.

My gaze scanned the contract, which stated that I could not leave the job before two years, or else I would have to pay a handsome amount that the company would deem fit for the loss that it will undergo.

"Yes, because we are hiring you with the expectation that you will devote sufficient time to us and contribute to the growth of our organization," she explained.

"What if I refuse to accept the term?" I inquired.

"Then we are unable to offer you this position. It is a company rule that everyone must follow "She responded.

After giving it some thought, I signed the contract because I want to fund my brother's higher education. This will also relieve him of financial stress, allowing him to concentrate fully on his studies.

"Congratulations, miss," the girls said as they took the papers from me. "Now you are an official member of Kingston Corporation"

I smiled but before I could thank her suddenly she stood up, her body stiff and she looked back to greet someone.

"Good afternoon sir"!

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