7| Her Punishment

Dominic's POV

Her presentation ran long. The audience present in the hall would have grown restless if not being captivated by the beautiful lady moving before them, gracing their eyes with a beautiful view.

"As you could see..." she continued to give her presentation in her soft and sweet voice, blinking and pointing at the projector screen, attempting to concentrate on her work.

But my gaze was drawn to her baby pink lips, which were constantly moving. I can't get the taste of those plump lips out of my head, which I want to taste over and over again. This desire of mine is dominating my thought every minute.

I was envious of how people in the hall were gawking at her lustfully, and she was getting uncomfortable with their intense gaze, but it was necessary to punish her for her actions.

Yes, the punishment!

I followed her out of the office the other day and was surprised to see her with a boy. She was hugging him and acting all touchy-feely, which made my
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Sen Tee
Ahhh nice one.
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Rockeeba Moore
This man is truly something, go get him girl, don’t let nothing stop you from doing what you need to do, great story so far
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Lilly Shin
Yes my gem is a reward for you. Please lower the amount for unlocking :< I can't wait to read the next chapters waiting for the bonus next day. I hate you. Huhu.

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