8| Knowing his not so good intentions

Amaira's pov

When he took a commanding step toward me, my breath caught in my throat.

What does he want from me now?

My hands absentmindedly clutched my skirt, and I gulped hard as I scrunched further into the wall behind me, wanting it to swallow me whole. I just wanted to keep a safe distance from him because his presence causes my brain to shut down and my body to go numb.

I don't know why I feel so insignificant in front of his frightening demeanor!

He came to a halt when he reached me. We had very little space between us. I literally have to stop breathing, to stop our bodies from touching each other.

He was staring down at me without blinking, and I tried my hardest not to show any signs of weakness by looking back into his eyes.

His gaze fell to my quivering lips, which were trembling from nervousness, while his expressions remained stoic.

"Why?" The word spontaneously came out of my mouth.

I b
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Daidai MC
hope the wiman will difinetly success
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Rockeeba Moore
She going to differently have gain some confidence and turn her self into a very strong woman, please let her be a strong woman and not be weak and scared all the time. I don’t want her to be a weak character in this story, but yes very very interesting indeed lol
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Puja Barnwal

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