12| I want you

Amaira's POV

I awoke with a throbbing pain in my head. My head felt heavy, and when I tried to tilt it, it fell to one side.

Every part of my body was screaming in agony. When I tried to lift my arm, the pain shot up in my veins like fire. The pain was as if thousands of needles had been inserted into me at the same time. I could not even move my body.

My eyes clenched as I tried to remember what happened to me before I passed out. When I lost consciousness and heard gunshots, three boys were attempting to rape me and planning to kill me. I assumed they had shot me to kill me.

My hands worked their way down my body and found myself fully clothed and no bandage was there on my body indicating that the shot was not for me.

I forced my eyes open, blinked several times to clear my vision, and realized I was lying on my bed in my apartment.

How did I get here?

My gaze darted around to ensure that what I was seeing was correct.

When I felt something tied arou
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srestitha Kiran
more chapters please
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
the were using physical strength to gain their moto and he is using his Money...all men are same.........
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
is there any difference between those three monsters and this great Kingston...

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