14| His Threats

Amaira's POV

I lay in bed for four days, healing my wound and pondering on what had happened that night. I needed some time and space to heal myself.

Mr. Kingston's words made me forget about the incident that had occurred just before his presence in my apartment. His words are ringing in my head again and again.

I haven't told anyone about what happened that night, and I haven't gone to see my mother because they would be concerned if they saw my wounds. I don't want to cause my mother any stress, especially since she is going through such a critical stage in her life. The doctor has asked me not to put her under any kind of stress. So I thought it to be better to keep my pain with myself.

Finally, I got ready to go to the office today to resign from my job. I don't want the job that I didn't get because of my abilities. Furthermore, if I worked for him, he could bend me to his will. I will look for another job. It may pay less, but I would feel
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Pihu Shegal
amazing chappy...
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Carina De Sa
more chapters please. 1 is not enough
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