17| It's just the beginning

Amaira's POV

My mother's surgery was yesterday, and as promised, he helped me in every way possible, not only with money but also with other arrangements. I did not have to look after anything.

We stayed awake all night, praying for our mother's quick recovery. My brother was deafeningly quiet the entire time. He was stressed. Because of the life's difficulties he has grown up before his age.

I was thankful that Mr. Kingston didn't try anything in front of my brother. He simply helped us, spoke with the doctors personally, and after ensuring that everything was in order, he went to sit in a corner while we paced back and forth in anticipation. He wasn't looking bothered by things happening around him. It was just that he was fulfilling his part of deal fully.

The best part, however, was that the surgery was a success. Even though my mother was unconscious, the doctor assured us that everything was fine and that we did not need to worry.

After hearing the doctor's words, all of my st
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Cheryl Masbang
this book is really good
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Pihu Shegal
m enjoying...this story.. this is amazing..oh plz author plz save her somehow........
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Rockeeba Moore
This book is really good and very very Interesting, and I can’t wait to read more to see what’s going to happen next, but we’ll done so far, hopefully after the night is over she can stay strong and away from him and I hope he falls for her really hard and make him humble his self to beg for her

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