112| Her Saviour

Amaira's POV

"I was going easy on you, Amaira," Austin said as my head spun from the attack, "but not anymore!"

"Ahhh," I help in pain as he holds me through my hair again. He appears to want it to pull my strands from my scalp. It was burning like hell but he cared less.

He then pushed me down the tree, and I slid down it. He looked me down with no mercy in his eyes. He looked like a complete monster, with bloodshot red eyes, blood dripping neck, a flaring nose, and teeth ready to eat me raw.

"I am going to ruin you so badly that even Dominic won't accept you if he ever gets you back," he raged from above.

I am not sure what I did wrong with him for him to treat me this way. I won't treat even my enemy like this.

I took two deep breaths through my mouth as he unzipped his pant and unbuckled his belt.

I tried to push him away from his thighs. But he knelt, folded my arms behind the tree, and tied them with his belt.

"I just hate you, Austin," I screamed while trying my best to fr
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Comments (3)
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Rockeeba Moore
Oh boi I new Dominic would bet the he’ll out of his brother Austin. He should have left his flower ... and son a lone. Now it’s his father turn, love the character
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
my heart was beat very fast..but the title saved me..i mean then i got the idea that nothing will go wrong..
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
khatam..tata..bye bye.. don't ever come now..rott in hell...

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