Chapter 2: New Body

"Please help me." A soft and gentle voice was what Frost heard but such voice also held sadness into it. Then a pair of black phoenix eyes opened.  A pink ceiling was what Frost saw when she first opened her eyes. Her eyebrows immediately scrunched.

'Didn't I die?' She mentally queried.

She tried to propped her body up but she noticed that she was aching all over her body. So she just carefully sat and leaned her body onto the headboard of the huge bed. She then habitually observed the room she was in. The room was huge, exceptionally beautiful. There was a lot of expensive furniture. She was also sitting in a Queen sized bed, with multiple pink pillows and a pink bedsheet, even the soft and silky blanket is pink.

'The owner of this room is obviously a girl.' She inwardly said.

But Frost was suddenly stunned when she saw her pair of hands. It was smooth, unblemished, untainted white pair of hands. A very opposite of her own calloused, hard and tainted hands.

'This is definitely not my own hands.' What she said in her mind. That's when she also noticed her long wavy black silky hair.

'And definitely not my hair.' Her hair is the same color as this one but it was short. Almost like a man's hairstyle. She likes to keep her hair short and never likes long hair. As she thinks it's too bothersome when she moves and she was too lazy to comb it. So she keeps it short.

Her gaze immediately sharpened when she noticed a presence approaching to where she was currently at. In an instant, her body was on guard. She may appear calm but deep inside she was ready for a fight. Ready to defend herself if anyone tries to attack her.

The door was opened from the outside and a handsome man in his 30's walked in wearing white lab gown. He was walking at a normal pace, there's a calming aura on him but Frost knows better not to trust this kind of man.

When the man who had just entered looked at the girl in the bed, he suddenly stopped approaching her when he noticed her sharp pair of eyes. What he saw is a sharp and lethal young lady who seems to have experienced the hardship of life. It was far from the weak and timid Princess he saw back then. He shook his head and laughed at himself for thinking of that, 'How could a weak Princess have the aura of a warrior? Clearly it was a mere illusion.'

"Who are you? Where's this place?" asked Frost while observing the man in front of him. She saw a hint of shock on his face after she said those.

"What do you mean? Don’t you remember anything?" The man asked in astonishment towards Frost. Shocked and doubt are what he is feeling right now. Shocked by what he has heard but he was also doubting the credibility of it. He thought that it might be one of the Princess' way to get the attention of her family.

"Do you think I would ask you such a thing if I remember something?" said mockingly by Frost. She did not like this man. Although he tried to hide it, still Frost saw the disdain in his eyes. It was directed towards her. To this body to be specific.

The man frowned. Her stares seem like it was telling him how stupid his questions were. He then walked towards her to see her face more clearly. And he was near enough to observed her face, he once again stopped when he noticed how sharp and cold she was looking at him. Almost like she was looking through his soul. He was again dumbfounded.

"If you don't want to talk then leave." Frost uttered in almost a bored tone, her face showing no emotions. She carelessly stood up even though her body was still aching all over. She was used to it. This pain cannot hinder her.

Hearing those plain words, the man suddenly came into reality. His brows knitted together when he observed the unusual behavior of the young lady in front of him. It was unladylike. Not how a Princess should act. That is why he suddenly believes that the Princess truly didn’t remember anything.

"What are you doing? You should not move your body yet. It was still healing." The man said to Frost and tried to grab her arms when the Princess, in a swift move, evaded his hands. Again, he was stunned to her unusual and fast movements.

“Do not casually touch me. Because it is not my responsibility if you suddenly could not use your hands.” Frost said while smirking.

Hearing the obvious warning in her tone, his body hair suddenly stood up. He was not dumb. He gets what the Princess is trying to say. And because of that he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared. 'Did she really mean that if I tried to touch her. She would break my hands?' Thinking of that possibility, he unconsciously steps backward.

Frost decided not to bother with him anymore. She then walked towards the lady’s room. She may not be familiar with this place. But a comfort room was not hard to find. She opened the door and entered. The lady’s room was also big, clean and... pink. After observing it for a moment she then walked in front of the mirror.

What she saw was a pretty young lady who seemed to be in her teenage years, 16 years old at most. The young lady's face was pale because of sickness but it did not lessen her prettiness. It even made her a frail-looking beauty. However, frail is but a word. Frail would be erased if it paired with those black menacing eyes.

'This is me but also not me.' She held her smooth supple cheeks. This is what she looks like when she's 15 - 16 years old. But she's already 22. It did not make sense.

'Did I go back in the past? Or am I reincarnated inside someone else's body?' The second reason might be the best answer to this.

'Whose body am I now residing then?' She could not help but asked. She was just so curious, okay. She sighed, and rubbed her eyebrows. A habit she has whenever she feels annoyed.

Frost clicked the inside of her tongue in irritation. She then washed her pale face. Grabbed a clean towel from the nearby cabinet to wipe her face. After that, she walked out of the lady’s room only to see the man from earlier still standing from where she had left him.

The man looked up and stared at the young lady unhurriedly walking towards the bed. Her posture is firm and confident, very different to the timid Princess who was always looking down and would shy away from people.

"If you want to say something then talk. Don't just stand there looking like a fool. Otherwise, leave." Frost uttered in almost a bored tone. She then leaned towards the headboard of the huge bed, and indifferently stared at the man.

The man shook his head after he heard her almost bored tone, as if telling him that his presence is unwanted. So he said in a polite tone contrary to what he sounded earlier, "I'm Sebastian Herrero. One of the Royal Doctors. And you're Hiraya Esperanza. The Princess of Esperanza Kingdom." When he did not receive any response he added, "You went to hunt for a beast. But then you were probably chased by a wild beast so you ran away without thinking where you were going and fell in a river. Hence your situation right now."

He then carefully watched her reactions but he found none. She still had this bored expression on her. As if she doesn’t care even a bit on the information he was telling. That is why he could not help but feel nervous. He didn’t know if what is wrong with the young lady in front of him to make him act like this. Like a kid getting scolded by his parents for doing something wrong. If it's her penetrating black eyes or it is the oppressive aura she's emitting. He was only acting like this in front of the King, and now to the King's daughter.

Suddenly, he remembered something, he immediately retrieved a small bottle from the pocket of his white coat, and carefully putted it towards the small table just beside the bed.

"That is a healing pill. It will help you recover faster." Doctor Sebastian hurriedly explained to the Princess.

Frost paused for a moment before she picked up the small bottle. She opened it and poured out its content to her hand. And she saw a small green-colored pill. She sniffed it before she swallowed it.

"Please excuse me, Princess Hiraya." Doctor Sebastian said, and bowed slightly at Frost before he walked out in that room in a hurry. As if someone was chasing him.

"Not bad." said Frost when she felt the instant effect of the pill. She stretches her arms and body. Readying her body for some action.

"Time to investigate this place."

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