Chapter 11: Training (Part 1)

"What is her name again?"

"That child? Her name is Hiraya Frost Akira. She's the daughter of Giovanni and Hermosa Akira."

"Wow, this kid is definitely the future of the Akira Clan."

"I know. Look how she viciously killed her opponent. Smooth and decisive. Isn't she just a little devil?"

"What did you say? You dare to disobey my words. You ungrateful brat. I'm the one who birthed you so you better do what I say. Your life is mine." The shout of a woman bombarded the room. Her beautiful face contorted, her expression was twisted and scary.

The woman was holding a bloody whip with barbs on it. While she carelessly moves it, causing it to land unto the figure of a child whose body is curling in the carpeted floor.

The child was in no way in a good condition. There are several wounds on her body, both new and old. Her clothes were tattered. And her back was so b
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