Chapter 21: Danger (Part 1)

"Great!" Ziana exclaimed excitedly at Frost. She couldn't help but feel delighted in having Frost as her friend. She didn't know but she felt an instant connection towards her. And she knows that even though she doesn't seem like an expressive person, her aura even screams distant and cold, she was emitting a pure and untainted air. It was very fascinating. She has yet to see her face but it doesn't matter, what matters now is that she is her friend.

As Ziana has this bright smile plastered on her face, that feels like at any time, there would be lights surrounding her, Frost suddenly contemplated whether her decision in befriending her is a right choice. Maybe she was too impulsive?

While Ziana was still beaming in joy, she happened to see the two annoying siblings in her peripheral vision. She rolled her eyes secretly at them. She didn't really like that pair of siblings. They're too scheming and calculative.


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