Chapter 37: Forming a contract (Part 1)

"GENERAL VALENCIA AND PRINCESS HIRAYA IS HERE!" One of the Valencia guards shouted when he saw the figure of the General and behind him was a simple carriage. He knows that the Princess was inside it.

"My granddaughter is back." Old General hurriedly went outside so he could be there in the front gate when his granddaughter arrived. The joy on his face could not be hidden at all. His smile was so wide that the corner of his eyes wrinkled.

Butler Latorre, who was behind the Old General, reacted similarly. They wait patiently at the arrival of the General and Princess.

"Welcome back, General!" The Valencia guard saluted when the General got out of his horse.

The General acknowledged him.

"Father." General Valencia nodded at the Old General when they finally arrived.

"It's good that you're back." The Old General said to his son as he looked at him. He then looked towards the carriage. Anticipation flooded his face.

"Come on, we're home." Frost said gently towards the Old couple and Luke.
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