After determining it was just him and me here, I looked around. I could handle him and then quickly leave. At the fastest speed, I rushed over, clutching the small knife that wanted to be plugged into his heart. At the moment, the body loses momentum running straight ahead. That man could have avoided it. My speed equals Jame's, so he's stronger than me.

Why is he here? I couldn't get over it. I was constantly running around him, deliberately creating each round of illusory wind that distracted him. It is my great technique; no one knows about it, even my grandfather. I looked at the skinny man in the middle of the center and turned around like an arrow going straight into his chest.

The blood from his hand came out, soaking the small knife. He still caught me attacking; I tried my best to pull out the knife but couldn't. Despite the more profound blades on the skin, he was determined not to let go. I had a bad feeling and immediately let go of my hand to step back. I didn't even run far, and he grabbed him by the neck.

"You can't escape." He scowled.

Now I noticed that he had brought me back to an old castle. I was thrown in the middle of the rock yard, surrounded by wildflowers. He sat on the couch in front of me, looking at me with full of ridicule.

"The other guy got more and more disgusted," he stood up and walked toward me, "Too weak."

He dragged me into the castle hall. It wasn't until I saw the structure inside that I noticed it was very similar to King David's palace. The only difference is that the king here does not have a crown.

He was lazy sitting on a table covered in dust. The brown leather suit on him was the cleanest thing I'd found in this overcast castle. The black beam hanging from the ceiling was filled with spider silk, long rows of books incubated long lines of ants engrossed in search of food. I guess they're probably no better than their owners.

"Who are you?"

"Someone who should have disappeared," he said wryly.

"Can I get out of here?"

With a long, holy laugh, I stared at the man with one foot on the table, the other on the ground. His smile gave me incredible comfort. The wounds from yesterday left a faster and faster recovery. There was a scary thought in my head. This is definitely King David's younger brother Mark. I once heard Brucer talk about him.

From a young age, Mark's smile was capable of healing all physical and mental wounds. Everyone loves Mark's goodness, but it also brings him a lot of trouble. The compassion for sentient beings was so great that Mark quickly saved the lives of millions of werewolves, including the enemy. After David ascended the throne, he locked Mark in the Hudi penalty area to stop everything. The order was issued for Mark to travel outside, but he was imprisoned permanently here.

Every month someone will put food into the forbidden zone and then automatically leave. No one was allowed to enter the forbidden zone except King David. Anyone who violates this law must die.

"Are you Mark?" I asked.


Mark walked up to me and bent down to get me up. By the way, kick the chair covered in the dust towards me. Mark signaled that I could sit then he went back to his old place, his head bowed so that his long hair covered all the expressions on his face. I was afraid that I would be killed if I didn't come back soon.

"Can I go?" I try to ask again.

Mark said to me clearly, "What are you his?"

I'm not a dodder. He just called me her. It's not. Now that I'm looking like an Alpha, what can he call her? I laughed and said, "You're wrong; I'm just an Alpha soldier training in the woods."

Mark tapped his finger on the table, and he looked directly at me for a long time to confirm what he was thinking. I leaned back against the chair; my legs crossed over to look back at Mark. Suddenly he laughed again; I had never seen such a beautiful smile.

"What are you his?" Mark asked me firmly.

I was angry, "I'm a soldier in the training group,"

"If so, I can't let you go." Mark certainly said.

I panicked; it was hard to keep up with his thoughts. Brucer had said Mark wouldn't touch David's men. Why is everything so different? I stood up and kicked the chair towards Mark, and the sound of the chair colliding with each other dispelled the quiet murky air of the castle. I walked quickly in front of Mark, my hand ears tugging his hair backward.

"Look, I don't have time to discuss who I am with you. I need to get out of here as soon as possible."

When I finished, I pulled Mark's hair with force, causing his body to fall backward onto the table. A small face with peeling white skin appeared before my eyes, a high nose, and a lovely red mouth. Blue eyes stared at the ceiling, and I saw an empty sky inside. Suddenly I let go of my hand and pulled a small handful of hair. Thinking of his power, I was afraid to step back and wanted to run out of the castle.

I just walked three steps; the door automatically slammed shut. Dust like thin sheets of silk flew everywhere. Mark remained dormant; only his fingers moved.

"I want to eat chicken," Mark spoke up.

I quickly said, "Next time, I'll bring it to you. I swear."

To confirm my words, I approached to raise my left-hand high, my right hand to Mark's hand to take the oath according to the werewolf's ritual. For us, the promise is worth as much as half of our life and we can't betray it. Otherwise, we will be subjected to the cruel punishment of the moon goddess on the full moon day.

Mark sat up; he pulled his hand back, got up, and walked to the door. I knew I had reached an agreement, and I quickly ran behind. Mark led me to the hollow outside the castle. He stood still for a long time before turning to look at me.

"What are you his?" Mark asked again.

I sighed, "Prisoners."

"Oh, there's a smell of him on your," Mark said.

"If I had time, I'd tell you, but I'm in a hurry."

I felt a burning on my hand, Mark was biting my hand. In the blink of an eye, I could see clearly in the hollow that there was a passage into the forest. I was immediately rushing in, the training forest appeared before my eyes. There was still no sign of the castle behind; if there were no bite marks on my hand, I still thought it was just a dream. There's not much time to think about it. Fearing that the punishment this time would be longer than the last, I aimed for King David's palace to run straight ahead.

When I arrived, only Jame showed up. Neither David nor Brucer were present. I'm not having fun with this. Compared to Brucer, Jame was even crueler. He rudely threw me into the solid cellar, his face staring at me in a gloomy appearance.

"King David said snakes will train you until he comes back. You'd better try to survive."

Snakes crawled on my face; they whipped me hard with long tails or squeezed my neck. My body is full of bites. A whole cellar of hundreds of red-blue snakes intertwined. Ever since I was a kid, I didn't hate bugs. More specifically, I love them. The snake's behavior will counterattack when it sees the opponent threatening it. My grandfather taught me some snake training tips. I don't know if I should blame Jame for being too stupid or so lucky myself. Unexpectedly, my first ally was these snakes.

I picked up the stone under my feet and cut a line on my wrist. The smell of blood has successfully attracted them. Every snake's head was moving towards me. But for a moment, they suddenly stopped. I couldn't believe my eyes, each of them lined up just short; they left a passage in the middle, their mouths up in the sky emitting a very jarring sound. From the inside, the white snake grew small red horns that were slowly approaching me on its head.

The legend I heard about the snake king existed, but no one has ever seen it with their own eyes. Wherever he crawled, the snakes cried out there. Maybe it's their welcoming ritual. The snake king stood in front of me, his little tongue constantly sticking out. He seems to be trying to say something, but I don't understand. Suddenly, it came up and bit me on the wrist, and the blood in my body suddenly warmed up. My body was so upset. My whole body was red as if I was about to go up in flames, and I writhed on the ground and hugged off my body.

"It doesn't seem very good."

I heard someone talking; there was no one around here. Jame won't allow anyone to show up at this time.

My forehead was sweaty, and my blood vessels seemed to bulge and could explode at any moment. I want water. I need water. That's what I think unconsciously.

"Bring her some water."

That voice sounded again. I doubted or opened my eyes to determine who was talking. But no, it's still just snakes and me together. I punched my head hard; maybe I was so exhausted that I gave birth to hallucinations. All thoughts are on the sudden pain that is tormenting me. I wish there were some water right now, I thought.

"Pour it on her." It's still that voice.

I've never been more satisfied than I am now, no matter what the water comes from the beginning. The whole body was hot as washed; I breathed a sigh in my heart but was then startled why there was water there? Who's talking to me?

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