Chapter 04

Chapter 04

And there he was, I gulped down into nothing as his full body finally reveals it's self.

He was wearing an armless shirt, and his muscles were revealing, they looked really huge, hia hair was styled in a badboy style, giving him the badboy style.

My eyes landed on his ears, he had lots of piercing there, and waa putting on boyish earrings that gave him the badboy look.

The way he walked, each of his steps made him look so cool as his hands were in his pockets as he approached us.

Carl hit me gently and I blinked my eyes rapidly before looking away embarrassed.

" Here he is, Tyler " His mom announced

" You said you wanted to see him..... " She continued and mom nodded.

" Yes Mrs Bills,, but can he excuse us now? " Mom asked and he raised Mrs Bills raised her brow.

" I'll leave, see ya mom " Tyler said and with that walked out of the mansion.

" Now, can we discuss the main reason why you're here? " Mrs Bills asked and I shifted on my seat nervously.

Mom turned to me and I gulped down nothing in my throat.

" Is he the one? " She asked and I shook my head.

" I don't know, but I think he is " I replied and I could see the couple confused.

" He is " Mom stated firmly.

" Is this a thing related to us?, 'cause I don't seem to understand a thing " Mr Bills finally talked.

" Yeah, ... Here .... " Mom said, and gestured to Carl who handed over a tab to him and a video clip began playing.

I turned to mom who gave my a reassuring look.

I stared deeply at their face, looking at their reaction.

I could see Mr Bills face twist in disgust as he finally looked away from the tab.

Mrs Bills scoffed before turning her attention awau from the screen and turned to mom.

" And what's this supposed to mean? " She asked and I could hear mom's silent scoff.

" I think you should understand by now " She replied 

" And so what?, They had s_x, it's probably not her first, she might be one of my son's numerous girlfriends " She said and I turned to mom in shock, I could see the shock look on her face.

" What?, Are you probably surprised?, Yeah, he's a playboy, And I don't think this should be a problem to your daughter, since she probably knows he can never love her, he only wants to get into her pants, and he did, So, I don't think this is a problem since she gave in willingly " She said and I could see mom's expression changed.

" What the hell do you think you're talking about?!!!... Your son fvcking took advantage of my daughter's situation 'cause she was drunk, and he slept with her!!... And is that all you're gon' say?!!!, That my daughter's probably one of his flings?!!!!! " Mom yelled angrily and she scoffed.

" It's probably the truth, you don't expect me to believe this shit!!!, You meant to say my son took advantage of your daughter? "

" I think you just clarified it yourself, that your son is a fvcker!! " Mom said angrily and I could see Mrs Bill's face twitch into an angry one.

" I think you should leave my home!! " She stated angrily and mom scoffed before standing up and I did the same.

" Here " She threw a document at them.

" That's the proof that the s_x my daughter had with your son, got her pregnant, and your son's responsible for it.... And here..... " She threw another document at Mr Bills.

" Seems you're more matured than your wife, I don't care what you're gon' do about it, but you'll son has to take the responsibility for my daughter's pregnancy, if not, let's meet in court by Friday " Mom said and with that stormed out angrily while Carl rushed after her and I was left with them.

" You're pregnant? " Mr Bills asked slowly and I nodded.

" Is it for my son? " He asked and I nodded again.

" How old are you? " He asked again.

" 18 " I managed to find my voice.

He looked at me for a while before standing and he walked away.

" I'll leave now " I said with a bow to Mrs Bills who was staring at me hatefully, if stares could kill, I would be dead by now.

" You!! " She called and I stopped.

" I know you planned that shit with your mom, just so you could get close to my son, you're probably one of my son's flings, you're just one of his bitches!, And trust me it's never going to work, you anf your mom are so shameful, forcing you on a guy, with a bastard in you! " She said I could hear her footsteps as she walked away.

I cleaned the tears that found its way down my cheeks.

Did she just call me one of his flings?!!, She called me a bitch!!, She called mom shameful!!, It's all my fault!!, I brought this upon mom!!..

She just suceeded in making me guilty again!, But is she right?, Doesn't it seem like Mom's trying to force me on them?, An I going to be a burden on them?.

I wiped my tears as I approached the other car, Mom had gone with Carl in the limousine.

I entered the other car, and the driver drove off while some guards trailed behind us in another car.

I couldn't stop the tears that rolled down my cheeks.

Is mom forcing me on him?, No, she's not!, She just doesn't want me to be ashamed, right?!.

Am I a bitch?, For having a night stand with a stranger??, Is it my fault that I got drunk?, Is it my fault that I'm pregnant for him??...

Why would she hate me so much?, I don't even know her son, why would she think all this was a plan?, I'm not one of his girlfriend!

It's not my fault, right!?

T. B. C

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