Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I looked away and closed my eyes, don't know what's going on in that dude's head right now. But I shouldn't care, he should stick with his misconceptions about why I stared at Tyler then, it's none of my problems.

My phone beeped and I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone from my pants pocket before clicking on the green icon, accepting the call.

" Hey Ara " I said, Ara is my other best friend after Lila.

" Hey girlie, how're you enjoying your husband's home " She said and I gasped before lowering the phone's speaker.

" Ara!! " I snapped and I heard her scoff.

" What?, Is he there? " She asked and I glanced at Tyler who looked engrossed in whatever he was doing on his phone.

" Yeah, and he's not my husband, and don't say that again, he's not supposed to be aware of all these " I warned in a low voice and I could imagine her rolling her eyes. Yeah, she's sassy and crazy.

" Alright, I've heard you, but to be candid that dude's hot, I won't mind a nightstand with him " Ara said
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