Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I glanced at him secretly and if my thoughts were right, I think he looked bothered for a while but it faded off almost immediately.

I looked around and there was no sign of Brian anywhere, he might have left when Tyler was fvcking that bi**tch. Only the thought of that made me hate Tyler more. It's just sad that I got stuck in his life, if not all these wouldn't be any of my problem.

His mom could also be classified as a bad mom, she kept watching all these while as her son turned a bad egg!. So unfortunate!, I just feel a glimpse of pity for his dad who looked frustrated and unhappy about how his only son turned out to be. A fvcker and a playboy. How funny!.

If anyone should be in tears right now, it should be Tyler's mom cause she has failed woefully as a mom. I hissed lowly before having my seat ignoring the two fools.


* Dinner Time *

We were all seated, eating in silence until Tyler's dad suddenly broke the silence.

" Tyler, I heard you brought a girl into this ho
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