Chapter 34

Chapter 34

* Next Day *

" Morning Marvy " I felt a light tap against my skin and then those words followed.

" Morning? " I said as I opened my eyes lightly and met with an already dressed Amy and I jumped off the bed immediately.

That seemed to suprise her a bit as she flinched lightly.

" Oh my! What time is it? " I asked hurriedly, ignoring the fact that she seemed startled.

" 7am " She said and I stopped abruptly and then turned to her.

" 7am? " I asked to be sure I had heard the right thing and she nodded.

" Oh God " I released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

" So why are you all dressed? " I asked, looking all over her body.

" I'm having a class by 7:30" She said and I raised a brow.

" Isn't today the first day of resumption? There are 7:30 am classes for freshers? " I asked unbelievably and she nodded with a light chuckle.

" I guess "

" Well, my first class is at 9am, what course is yours? "

" Biochemistry " She replied and I nodded after muttering an *oh*

" Mine is busi
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