"What the fuck was that, Romano?" Damian voice was louder than someone when speaking in a mic. How? Still a mystery.

I've got a theory though, maybe his parents were too loud while doing it. Fetus turned deaf while being produced.

You know, when a person's normal voice is loud, it usually means he's got hearing problems.

"That was me winning, fucktard," I replied with a roll of my eyes as I tossed the keys to him, "you owe me three hundred dollars."

"You scratched my car, bitch!" Damien caught the key and held it in between his fingers, "it's you who owe me money here, not the other way round."

"We had a bet," I reminded, "I win, you give me three hundred dollars. I lose, I give you three hundred dollars and guess what? I won. You've got three minutes to hand over the money or trust me, your car will be the least of your worries."

"Stop scaring the poor guy, son." The voice of my dad made me roll my eyes again, "he knew what he was getting into."

"What's three hundred dollars? We've got a lot more." Mom spoke in her usual soft voice, yet the bragging was clear, "it's okay Damian. You can go home and don't worry about your car, we'll have it fixed."

"Thanks, Mrs Romano." Damian flashed my mom a sweet smile, "You're the best!" He then shot me a wink before walking away twirling the keys in his fingers. I turned around to face my lovely parents.

"Hey, my dearest parents who just made me lose three hundred dollars," I walked in between them before throwing each arm around their necks, "what are we doing today?" My mom held my hand which was hanging on her shoulder while my dad patted my back.

"When I told you to find a way and get money, I did not mean for you to go around and bet, idiot." Dad spoke, his tone filled with amusement.

"Then what'd you want me to do? Strip and dance on a pole? I'm sure I'll make thousands." I pictured myself naked, holding a pole and doing twirls while people were throwing money at me. I cringed.

"You're twenty," mom pointed out, "and you need to be responsible or you won't be taking over the mafia anytime soon."

"But daddy said I'll take over when I turn twenty one," I muttered, faking a pout and heard my dad cough, "when did I say that?"

"You did when you were..." I leaned in and whispered in his ear, "drunk. Mom doesn't seem to know, should I tell her?"

"Oh yes right!" Dad rose his voice while shooting me a glare at the corner of his eyes, "I did say that. When you turn twenty one, you'll take over, as we planned."

"See?" I shot my mom a grin just as my eyes fell on a very familiar guy entering the racing ground. I smirked, letting go of my parents before walking towards my best friend.

"Hey Macy!" I greeted, using the nickname he absolutely hated. He was twenty two years old, one year older than me. I would be turning twenty one in three months. He rolled his eyes before smiling, "hey bestie!" Now it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" I asked and he was about to reply but was interrupted by my mom, "hey Mason!" He flashed my mom a smile before walking over to hug her. When he was done hugging my mom, he went to hug my dad. I've known Mason for two years now and he's really close to me and my parents as well.

When I become the leader, I'd appoint him as my second in command. I have already spoken to him about it and he said yes without even thinking twice. Mason was the only one who knew who my parents or I really was and he'd seen me kill. He never judged me. He knew it was the life I was born into.

He knew I didn't choose this life; it chose me.

Just like it chose him. He was at the right place but at the wrong time.

"Hey kid, how are you?" Dad asked with his usual smile. I know what you're thinking; usually mafia leaders are supposed to be cold hearted, ruthless and all but just because he smiled and acting all 'cool' doesn't mean he was an angel. My dad had his moments as well as my mom. They both have killed more than I can count. Believe it or not, people who know us, fear us.

The Italian mafia wasn't a joke. It was the most powerful mafia in the world and soon it was going to become mine. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited but I wasn't ready and I know it.

I've seen my dad giving orders and executing people with an emotionless face. I can do that, no problem! Give me a man and an axe, I'll kill him for you. But I'm not ready to lead a total of over five thousand men, that no thank you, I'll pass.

I mean, have you met me? You can tell, I'm not ready.

"I came here to invite you all to dinner at my place tomorrow," Mason said cheerfully, "you people are free right? Well, I know Ace is. He always is."

"Yes, we are," mom replied, smiling, "what is the occasion?"

"I'd like you all to meet my sister."

"Oh she's back?" I asked, remembering the countless number of times Mason would speak to me about his sister. Mason nodded, "and I can't wait for you guys to meet her! You'll adore her."

"I don't doubt it. She is, after all, your sister. But does she know about the stuffs you do?" Dad eyed Mason curiously. Mason shook his head, "no and I would like her to stay far away from it."

"Don't worry about it, bro. I don't kiss and tell." I flashed him a smirk when he rolled his eyes, "oh really? Remember the time when you kissed Wendy and spilled the beans on my crush on her sister?"

"What?" I lifted my brows, "in my defense, she had a nice tongue! So unless your pretty sister had a pretty tongue, I'm not telling her anything."

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