9: The pendant

Kayla's POV

“ Hector?” I called softly. He turned around, his silver eyes sparkly and a little startled.

“ What- what are you doing here?”

“ This is my place, you’re the one I should be asking that question,” I said, folding my hand and suddenly getting sulky.

“ You own the woods?” he asked, sounding arrogant and irritating to me.

“ No, I just mean that I’m the only one who comes here because of the…wolfsbane…” I said, noticing that I was significantly farther away from where I was before.

“ There are no wolfsbane here”

“ There are over there, that’s where the river is, but no one can go there except me.”

“ They must really hate you for that huh?”

“ Yeah,” I said. We stared at each other for a while. I was appreciating his…everything. He was what every girl describe as her dream man. Today his black, long, hair was even more ruffled and curly than before – a trait that would make any man look adorable didn’t change a thing about his sexiness.

With his hands in his pocke
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