10: A rogue like me

Kayla's POV

“ Your what?” Hector asked, starting at me critically.

“ My father, Hector, I’m telling the truth.”

“ Who is he?”

“ What do you even mean by that? You already know my father is a Rogue!”

“ Sure but which Rogue? What’s his name?”

“ Baynes,” I said regrettably, knowing how much evil I had heard he was responsible for. Maybe he even punished Hector’s parents too, just like Alpha Kent said.

I summoned the courage to look at Hector and I find him looking at me with adorations instead of the fear or hate I had expected. Those two expressions were the most common looks I got whenever people mentioned that my father was a Rogue.

“ I knew it…no wonder you’re so special.” He said with a smile so bright that I too started to smile unconsciously.

“ I thought you would hate me.”

“ What? I could never. Baynes is a legend amongst us. It is he that every one of us strives to be like. He was a hero but a lot of people misunderstood him” he said as his smile started to slowly fade away.
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