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Ethan Carter had been miserable in the past four months. He couldn’t forget Amelia Scott at all and he thought it was funny since they just had one encounter for her to have such an effect on him.

He thought everything was going well until after the company launch, Amelia asked him to leave her alone. When she pleaded with him to stay away from her, he couldn’t deny it, her words stung and the pain he felt showed on his usually expressionless face.

‘Does she hate me so much?’ He thought to himself. But knowing her bad mood was caused by himself, he just couldn’t bring himself to hold on to her, even if he needed her.

For some unknown reason, he didn’t want to be the reason she was sad. He couldn’t be selfish, or so he thought.

Ethan buried himself in work for four months, taking on more projects to keep him busy. He hoped he could work himself to exhaustion so that he didn’t have time to think about Amelia and mope around. Besides, he couldn’t continue to pester her as if he had a

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Alicia Allen
I’m loving this book so far
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Teresita Azada
I love the story keep making short love story i love it
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Palmy M. Rodriguez
beginning to love the story.. exciting

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