73~ Tasting him

Amelia blinked twice, wondering if she heard him right. "Are you serious?"

"Yes baby… I'm so horny… I want you. I don't mind doing it like that." Ethan whispered in his husky voice as he continued to dry hump her.

Amelia felt touched, "that is the most nicest thing someone has ever said to me. You don't know how much that sentence has made me feel beautiful." She whispered as she trailed her hands over his chest. Feeling the contours of his perfectly shaped abs, all the way to his V shape that led to the machine that gave her endless pleasure. Gosh, he was one hell of a sexy man…

"But… nope. That's gross." She chuckled and pushed him away. Thinking there was no way she would do that.

Ethan groaned, "really babe? What am I supposed to do with this?" He said, pointing at his bulging erection.

Amelia shrugged, "I don't know. Take a cold shower or something. No… don't take a cold shower this place is so cold." She shivered at the thought of bathing cold water.

"Well… I have no cho

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Lynn Jones Carrington
Excellent Book. It keeps me looking for more .

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