Special Chapter 1

Zella's POV

I was grinning from ear to ear while watching my favorite tv show, alone. Taiden is with his friends. They hang out with the boys and I just chose to stay at home because we just came from the doctor and said....I’m pregnant. I’m forbidden to walk around too much because my uterus was too low. So here, I’m left alone.

Taiden was ecstatic when he found out that we're having a baby. Exactly on his birthday, I told him about my pregnancy. Of course, I conspired with his Mommy to surprise him. Ever since he found out that I’m pregnant, he has taken so much care of me. He could almost wiped my ass because he took so much care of me.

His parents were also very happy with the news as well as when Taiden told them that he would be handing over the leadership of their group to my brother.

I turned to my cellphone that’s ringing loudly, it looked like someone was calling. I slowly stood up and felt dizzy because my stomach was a bit heavy. It's only four months left and I'm about to
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