The Playboy's Woman
The Playboy's Woman
Author: Starr

Chapter One: Running for her life

Reyna ran as fast as her feets could take her, the fast and firm sound of feet hitting the ground was a constant reminder that those men were still behind her.

Like most times, she had agreed to follow her uncle to his business meetings so she could gain some experience, unknowingly, he had the intention to sell her to one of the men he wanted to work with.

She couldn’t believe that he wanted her, who was barely twenty two years old  to be with a fifty year old man? 

The lecherous man who he had brought her for had taken one look at her and was certain that he wanted a piece of her, unfortunately Reyna was not one to sell her body for money or any benefits at all.

As soon as she realized that they wouldn’t let her leave there, she had requested to go to the restroom and then knowing that the guards were outside, she had used the restroom window to escape.

Unfortunately, they had caught on quite quickly when they realized she was spending too much time since it had taken her a while for her to use the window to go out and still climb down the height of the building successfully.

And so before she could do anything, they had caught up with her hence why this chase started.

“Who knew this sl*r would be this fast” one of the men said panting heavily.

Considering how dainty and fragile she looked, they hadn’t expected that she would give them such a good chase like this one.

Reyna gave no reply to them as she kept her eyes on the building ahead of her.

Looking at the gigantic hotel right in front, Reyna hastened her pace, with the intention to run into the hotel.

Since she was familiar with this area, after all, she worked several odd jobs, and did many other things to make sure she had money to survive.

She doubted that those men could all run into the hotel all at once which meant that they could not chase her.

Just like she had predicted, as soon as she got into the hotel, she slowed and tried her best to walk in like a normal person.

Since she had dressed quite well to not embarrass her uncle who was the CEO of a small time company, the guards didn’t think anything.

Unfortunately, the four burly men were stopped for security reasons, it was obvious that they weren’t normal men.

If it had been any other day, perhaps they could have gotten in, unfortunately, the hotel president was currently around today and nothing could go wrong and thus, the four men were denied entrance.

Reyna on the other hand sped up as soon as she was in the hotel and went towards the right hand side.

She had been at this hotel to work as an hostess for a certain party with her friend and knew that there was a hall that was usually not in use most times here.

Since it was like a six star hotel, the prices were sky high and most people could not afford to use their hall. 

Her plan was to go in there and see if she could alter her dress and look so that she could go back home.

By home, she meant her dormitory since there was no way she would go back to that house where her uncle was also going to come back to.

She guessed that she wouldn’t even know how she would get killed.

Without wasting any time, Reyna pushed the door to the hall open and was stumped to see that the hall was full to the brim.

It was as full as it could get and she closed the doors back immediately.

After some minutes, she opened it and entered the hall confidently.

Since most people were backing the door, no one noticed her considering that to those people, she looked very much like a staff. After all, this was a gathering of the country’s elite. The top ten percent.

Offending them was more dangerous than the men that were chasing her but there was no other way than going forward, after all, she couldn’t afford to book a room.

As soon as she entered, she went to the restroom immediately. The sooner she was done here, the better for her.

About thirty minutes later, a young girl with a lovely shade of wavy auburn hair stepped out of one of the bathroom stalls.

Her heart shaped lips were coated in a distinct red color that was surprisingly pulled off by her.

Reyna looked in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction at the image that stared back at her.

She had successfully altered her dress into a makeshift playsuit. With a cut in the middle, she had made a band and turned the lower part into shorts while the upper part was a  crop top.

Considering that they were from the same material, it looked like a two piece outfit and was really nice.

She looked in no way like the young and innocent girl that she looked like when she was with the men that were chasing her.

Confident that they would be unable to recognize her, she dumped her small purse that had some of her fashion design mini tools inside the toilet after taking the important things she needed from it and left the restroom.

After all her careful planning, Reyna would not have expected that just as she came out of the hotel, the four men moved forward slightly with the intention to grab her as soon as she walked through the security.

“Surely the evil ones live longer” she muttered under her breath as her eyes dashed around wondering where or who she could run to.

Just as she was trying to find a solution, she looked and saw him. 

Niko, the certified playboy in their city coming with his bodyguards.

If she remembered well, his dad owned this hotel.

Just as she was about to look away, a thought flashed through her mind as she looked between him and the men waiting out there for her.

Even though this might land her in more trouble, she could pretend she had the wrong man or make it seem like she was just one of those girls he had been with before.

After all, with his reputation around, there was no way he could remember all the girls he had been with.

And so without any hesitation, the moment Niko got close to the entrance, she ran and latched on to him.

“Baby, have been waiting here for you all these while” she said coyly trying her best to imitate all the flirtatious moves she had seen in movies.

Unfortunately, Niko was not who she thought and his eyes flashed with suspicion.

The moment Reyna realized that her plan was about to get foiled, she leaned in closer to him.

“Those men over there are after me, as long as you help me with escaping from them, I will get off you. Otherwise I guess you would be in the tabloids again for rejecting another baby” she said with her original voice.

Like it was popularly known, even an headless cockroach would still struggle at the face of death, Reyna was trying her best to find a way out of being hawked off by her uncle.

Niko glanced down at the girl latching onto his arms, he didn’t even have to look too much to see her desperation.

He glanced at the men she was referring to and then back at her. Without another word, she signaled to his bodyguards to not take action against her.

Although she had tried her best to appear fierce and threatening, she didn’t really expect it to work, after all, who would have imagined that other than being a playboy with a messy life, Niko was also a gullible man.

However, what she didn’t expect was him lifting her up as soon as they walked away from the men chasing her and putting her in his car.

“Why are you putting me in your car!? Let me go, Niko!” She said  putting up her best attempt at a struggle.

However, all she got was a low and cold chuckle.

“Do I look that easy to threaten and scare? It’s only right that you pay for my help” he said coldly as he entered the car beside her and locked the door. 

Looking at his face that lacked every bit of the soft smile and slightly unfocused eyes that was always in the media, her heart thumped loudly as she felt genuine fear at what could happen to her with this man.

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