Chapter Five: In Trouble

As she served the men in the bar, her mind repeatedly went to her brother in the hospital and wondered if anything was going to happen to him. 

Without knowing, she had already poured more wine than she was supposed to into a wine glass while thinking of her brother. 

“Where did they get such a waitress from? You are so terrible at your work!” A man yelled angrily as some of the wine that poured on the glass table dripped to his leg side. 

His words snapped her out of her thoughts as she hurriedly pulled back her face paling so bad that it looked like she didn’t have any more blood on her face.

“So sorry sir, I’ll get the cleaning team to come over immediately” she said while bowing her head to let them know how sorry she was. 

The moment one of  the men set his eyes on her, his eyes brightened as he appreciated her beauty. Immediately, a lascivious gaze was clear in his eyes as he deliberately showed a look of pure anger on his face.

“This girl, do you know how much these shoes cost? Even if you work for five years here, you would never be able to afford it.” He said exaggeratedly as panic came upon Reyna.

“I’m so sorry sir, I was distracted for some minute, forgive me” she said sincerely. It was originally not such a big deal and they could easily just scold the girl a little since it hadn’t poured on his shoes and was rather the hotel’s wine that wasted. But seeing how attractive she was, the man wanted her to be frightened so that having a night with her would be easier.

Reyna on the other hand was oblivious to the man’s thoughts and only frowned a little when he kept on complaining and calling her names. She didn’t think that it ought to be such a big deal as such. 

After a while, she raised her head and spoke out, “this customer, I would get the manager to come here and talk to you. If your compensation would be from my fees, then you can take some of it. However, there’s really nothing I can do by staying here with you” 

Seeing that she dared to speak up, the man was even more angry and started another bout of complaints.


After several cups of wine, Niko and his friends knew that at that point they had gotten to their maximum and anymore would leave them to drunk to behave normally. 

“Let’s leave, there’s still work tomorrow, after all, it’s Monday.” Niko said as he stood up. 

Since it was for one of them, they didn’t need to pay and they had even been attended to by one of the proper staffs.

As they left their rooms, Niko could hear an angry yell and his face scrunched up slightly.

The rooms here were designed to be sound proof and one couldn’t here what was going on in another room. When they neared the room, he realized they had left the door open and he gave Lucas a look that seemed to communicate that he got something done about.

As they passed the room. Niko subconsciously cast a glance at the room and was shocked to see a familiar figure inside. With a closer look, he was certain this was the girl from yesterday and she seemed to have the Ninth Haven’s staff badge.

‘Did she work here?’ He pondered as he looked at the whole room surprising Kyle and Lucas who wondered why he was waiting there.

“Little girl, didn’t I tell you to wait on only us? Why are you here?” He said as he stepped into the room. Although he hadn’t bothered to check who was in the room, he was certain there was no one there that deserved to have his head bowed.

Reyna looked up in surprise at his familiar face, with her smart wits, she was sure that he was trying to help but she didn’t want to put too much hope in that.

Lucas understood albeit his surprise that Niko was trying to protect this girl and stepped forward shutting up the men that were just about to lash out at Niko for his interruption.

Although they didn’t think that Niko had any power that was greater than theirs, the moment they saw Lucas, the big boss of Nirvana which was the mother company of Ninth Haven hotels, they immediately kept quiet.

“It’s good that you are here, one of your staffs has been slack in her duties and allowed some damage to come by my shoes while serving us wine. What compensation do you have for me?”The man that had been facing Reyna said arrogantly.

Now he wasn’t sure if the girl had anything to do with this group after all, she was quite the stunner, there was a slight chance that she had caught the big boss’s eye so he had to do it with discretion.

Lucas looked at Reyna for a split second and then looked at the floor and table.

“I’ll send a cleaning staff over now to take care of your room. As for your shoe, we would help you send it over for premium cleaning services and if you would like a replacement, we can also afford that” he said directly to the man and then looked at Reyna. 

“If that is all their order, you can leave now, I’ll send a manager to deal with the rest” he told Reyna and then looked at Niko with his side eye as if to confirm if what he did was okay.

Being friends for eight years, Lucas knew that he had done well just by looking at Niko and smiled fawningly as he dialed the manager.

Reyna on the other hand rushed out as soon as she heard his instructions bowing her head slightly. She didn’t notice the smirk on Niko’s face as he thought of the big contrast between her attitude yesterday and today.

After settling the matter, the three of them left the hotel in large strides. “Do you know the girl from earlier?” Lucas asked curiously his face looked like he couldn’t wait to hear gossip. One had to know that in the entire eight years of their friendship, he had not for once seen Niko take a glance at a woman unless he was doing it for his playboy reputation. 

If they really didn’t know any better, they would even believe the rumors that claimed that he was gay.

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