Chapter Eight: A Perfect coincidence.

“Grandmother.” Niko called out to the old woman who was engrossed in her phone. Unlike other people her age, she was technology and entertainment obsessed.

Niko couldn’t remember seeing her either without a phone or a television playing some series.

After some seconds, the woman lying on the bed finally managed to tear her gaze away from the phone as she looked at Niko with disgust in her eyes. “You are here.”

Niko nodded and before he could say a word, she was speaking again. “I thought you wouldn’t come. After all, you have never obeyed me.”

“Is there a reason why you decided to come?” With her raised eyebrows that made the wrinkles around her face more obvious despite the tons of surgery they had gotten done for her, nothing could hide that she was getting on in age.

Besides, she had spent more than sixty years suffering, there was no way the remaining twenty years spent in money could make up for it.

“Mother said you were dying.

So I had to rush down and see you one more tim
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