Chapter 145

The news came as a shock to most and all of the people who knew Niko and his family. Most especially his family, after the lady has introduced the company that would be working with them, and the owner has been called out, no one expected the stupid playboy of one of the biggest companies before to be the owner. Everywhere was kind of destabilized for a while, making Niko and his friends able to go out of the company for a while. With clenched jaw, Joe sat in front of the car, driving while Lucas sat at the back with Niko in the passenger seat.

“What is the news saying?” Niko questioned.

“A whole lot. I don’t even know what and where to say,” Lucas replied, shaking his head.

Niko clenched his jaw, heaving out a sigh as he closed his eyes for a while. Now all he needed to do is was find Reyna and Jeremy, he needed to get them and talk to Reyna.

“Your phone is ringing,” he heard Joe say before he fished his phone out of his trousers.

He was not going to lie, he has been expecting this,
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