Chapter 146

" Why do you keep looking in the direction that they went? " Nicholas asked Niko whose eyes were fixed on the door which Reyna and Jeremy her father had gone through to be alone.

" Can you really trust him to be alone with her because I don't know why I still feel uneasy about him " Niko said and Nicholas laughed at how he was behaving

" The DNA test confirmed their relationship and so far I can say he is a good man. I know you are worked up and worried about Reyna but she will be fine. she is here in the house anyway so you can get to her if you need to see her. " he told Niko

Niko let out a long sign before tearing his eyes from the door. He might as well believe his grandfather because Reyna was safe. her father won't hurt her right.

" I can see it in your eyes that you really love her, who knew someone could get your heart one day " Nicholas said breaking the silence and Niko couldn't help but laugh at his words. maybe he really had to calm down and just stop bothering. After all h
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