Chapter 150

Larissa almost spilled her drink on Reyna but she held it in as she heard her friend's sentence. "What do you mean by you finding your biological father? "she asked and dropped her cup of coffee on the table.

"I found my father Larissa, I still don't know where my mother is for now but I found my father at least "Reyna said

"Your parents are always with you,did your hit your head somewhere because what do you mean by you found your father and you are still looking for your mother "she said

"The people who raised me up aren't my parents Larissa, they are Alan's parents not mine "Reyna said

"God you mean Alan isn't your brother too biologically, why am I just finding this out now Reyna? "Larissa asked her friend with a frown.

"I'm sorry Larissa, I can't justify my actions but I told you now so you know. Alan isn't my real brother and his parents aren't my parents, they just brought me up "she said

"Wow, you gave me two huge pieces of news today, I find it so hard to think well, "Larissa
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