Chapter 169

They both got down from the car and then Reyna took in her surroundings. they were at a small exquisite white two storey building and she could see Joe Lucas and Larissa standing in front of the building and the three of them a to Niko with a smile

" I have not even done anything for you " he said with a hearty laugh and she looked away from him back at the house. before she could think Larissa was already squealing out and rushing to meet her friend.

" I am so happy for you, Reyna. You are successful and so beautiful. We made it through, even after all the tough times we had in school and everything we went through. Larissa said to her friend and she laughed at her friend's choice of words.

" I'm so happy that we made it to Larissa but I wouldn't have been happier and it wouldn't have been possible if not that I had you by my side. you are everything a girl could ever wish for in a best friend. you made me want to get better and even when I was sad about fashion sometimes you made me
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