Fight To The Death

[Mason’s POV]

I led the way into the cave as Amy walked closely beside me. Luckily, it was currently low tide, so we were able to get in this way while the others took up the back.

"Up here." Amy announced, lifting a finger and pointing towards a large rock along the cave's back wall. "There’s a hole that is big enough for a single person to get through there."

Nodding, I shifted back into my human form and made my way forward while the others waited.

Gripping the rock that Amy indicated, I began to heave, using all my strength until finally it began to move. A blast of air slapped me in the face, along with Danica’s scent mixed in with the others within.

"She’s close." I called, continuing to move the rock until it was out of the way. "All of you go in first, and I’ll follow behind."

Stepping aside, I watched as my warriors went in first, with Amy and Greg taking up the rear.

"You go on." My younger self urged once it was only me and him left. "I’ll close the entrance behind us."

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