Chapter 125




"Mamma?!" I went into my parents' home, looking for my mother. "Mamma?!"

"Niko!" her voice filled my ears and my attention snapped in the direction of it.

She stepped out of the kitchen immediately, her face contorting with glee as she saw me, and a wide smile appeared. A maid helped her take the apron off and she came running toward me.

My mother, my beautiful mamma.

She pulled me in a hug, wrapping her arms around me. I rested my chin above her head and smiled, hugging her back. "Oh, I was so scared. I prayed day and night for you to come home safely. I hate this, Niko, first your father and now you. Every time you and your father stay away from home for more than a week, I die a little from the inside. Durak!" (Fool)

"I came to you the second the plane landed," I told her.

She pulled back and held my hand, taking me to a couch. "Okay, what did you bring for your mamma from Sicily?"

She watched me with hopeful
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