“What? Roberto! What are you doing! You promised to let her go!” Martina yelled as the men grabbed her and Caterina. She felt so stupid having believed that Roberto was going to let Caterina go after signing that contract.

“I told you not to do it, Martina!” Caterina cried as they carried them away from the living room.

Roberto walked down the hallway with an evil grin registered on his face. Vincenzo walked behind him and kept his head low.

“Mr. Roberto, what are you going to do about Caterina?” He asked and Roberto looked over his shoulders at Vincenzo making him gulp in fright.

“What do you mean by that?” Roberto questioned and looked up again. Vincenzo let out a sigh of relief before continuing.

“You promised you’d let her go if Martina signed the contract, but you just ordered them to lock her up with Martina,” Vincenzo uttered and he saw Roberto stop abruptly.

He staggered backward in terror knowing he had done it again, he had gotten on Roberto’s nerves.

Roberto turned and look
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