(Martina is kidnapped)

“You are not going to talk to me? What do you want me to do, Vincenzo?” Martina asked after she stepped out of the car and approached Vincenzo. Vincenzo heaved a loud sigh and turned to look at her, while Bruno stared at them, looking very confused and lost. “Martina, I don’t want you to do anything apart from staying away from this house and sitting peacefully in the car. This is a dangerous place, and you shouldn’t be out here,” He said, and she rolled her eyes. “I am very aware this is a dangerous place, you don’t have to remind me, Vincenzo. I stepped out of the car because I believe we both need to talk,” She said, and Vincenzo looked at Bruno, he saw he was lost staring at the both of them.

“Hey… I thought you said you wanted to pee. What are you still waiting for?” Vincenzo asked, widening his eyes as he looked at Bruno. “Oh… true! I almost forgot. I’ll pee now and come back as soon as possible,” Bruno responded and briskly walked away. Vincenzo exhaled and turned to look at M
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