(Martina is rescued)

Roberto overtook Vincenzo’s car and began to lead the way. He watched the infotainment in the car he drove and kept following behind the van. He didn’t get too close because he didn’t want them to notice him, nor was he too far so that he wouldn’t give them too much time to do something crazy to Martina. Roberto furrowed his brows when he saw them head to the nearest sea. “Where the f**k are they taking her? Why are they heading to the sea?” Roberto mumbled as he kept driving.

“They are heading to the seaport boss. We need to attack as soon as possible or we would lose them,” Vincenzo said after connecting to the infotainment in Roberto’s car. “I’m very aware, okay? Once the vehicles stop, we rush them. We start attacking, we must make sure nothing happens to Martina.” Roberto informed Vincenzo before disconnecting the call.

Soon the vehicle that kidnapped Martina stopped at the seaport. They hurried down the vehicle as they sighted the ship they were expecting approach them. One of
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