Chapter 15


I’d seen Hael very little during school that Tuesday.

What glimpses I managed were in the halls, but he always had someone hovering at his side. Most often it was Mykelle, with her deeply tanned skin and perfectly coiled hair, a glare ready to go regardless of the time.

The other students had plenty to say to me, plenty of petty insults about the picture Mykelle leaked of me in the kitchen. Neither she nor Hael looked my way, though I had a sneaking suspicion he knew where I was at all times.

It wasn’t until after school that he decided to grace me with his presence, without Mykelle at his side.

I’d spent the last two hours scouring Olive’s Link profile, which sounds humiliating and excessive, but there was one specific bit of information I was searching for. There had been thousands of pictures posted by her, each one more different than the next.

From the black and white candid’s, to the nature scenes t

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Destinee Barker
Love it so far how often do you update?
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Loving the story so far and seem to get hooked with every story this writer creates. Definitely different having a mate who wants you dead though I think it’s all for show. I feel like he wants the Alpha position and the only way to get it is to do what his dad says for now.
goodnovel comment avatar
very interesting story so far!

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