Chapter 23


I refused to look his way, even if his stare was a mixture between a soft caress and a brutal shove. Hael kept his distance for the time being, opting to glower at me from across the room like I was the one who choked him out.

There wasn’t a chance in hell I’d give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his existence.

You’d think he’d be grateful I kept the charade between him and Mykelle a secret considering he’d been nothing but a nightmare since we first met. Not only did he shatter the fairytale every she-wolf envisioned when they finally felt the bond snap into place, but he couldn’t even do me the favor of rejecting me himself.

‘Maybe we should reconsider spilling his secret.’ Lacey muttered, still enraged from the incident in the dressing room.

Our last day of high school had been her worst nightmare. She hadn’t been able to protect me, no matter how hard she tried. Being choked by Hael in the dressing room of some snooty boutique, it hit far too close to home for Lacey.

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